Bridging the Gap

You have no doubt heard about essential oils by now. They seem to be popping up everywhere. You may think they are all the same. An essential oil is an essential oil, isn’t it? Well, yes and no. Some oils are more powerful and more effective than others.Did you know you can use oils in more ways than just aromatically? There is more to them than just smelling something nice, especially when they are of therapeutic value. There is also the ever-present issue of sustainable sourcing.

The brand I use is changing the essential oil world; doTERRA is bridging the gap between modern medicine and natural health through sustainable means.

I invite you to learn more about doTerra. Visit Source to You to read about the growers and distillers of these essential oils, as well as how scientists and practitioners, are using them. Further, learn how YOU can benefit. These amazing, precious essential oils can become part of YOUR “medicine cabinet” empowering YOU to care for the health and wellness of your family naturally.

Source to You contains all of this information and more, including the varied testing done to ensure quality, purity and effectiveness of the essential oils brought to you.

Contact me, to find out more about these amazing essential oils, or ask me for a sample.

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