Energy Medicine Session Testimonies

“April is a master at connecting with people and making them feel comfortable. Following our sessions together I felt renewed.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing to release tension.”
Heather K.

“ April has such a nurturing, gracious, loving spirit, and you can feel her genuine care, passion for this work, and amazing healing gifts throughout the session. She is a gifted Reiki practitioner, is really knowledgeable about natural health, and combines essential oils in her sessions in ways that are so nourishing and delightful!”
Christine E.

“April really held space for me to work out what had been stuck inside me for a while that I wasn’t able to get out on my own. Anytime I felt a pain in my body during the session, her hand would magically find its way there and the pain would be worked out. It was a deeply meditative and healing experience. I felt so renewed, revitalized, and back to my center when the session was over! This healing worked through the energetic and emotional blocks that I had been holding onto for a while, and they are no longer a part of my life! April allowed for true inner growth.”
Mandey L.

I had my very first Reiki session this morning and it was amazing. I could feel the energy moving through my body. It is relaxing and calming. I am working on opening up my blocked emotions to help me heal. I feel so good and positive! I am loving this new me!
Jennifer E.

I recently received a Reiki session from April. Although aware of the tenets of Reiki, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Knowing April’s character, I knew I would be in good hands. 😉 Aside from receiving of her compassionate and gentle approach, I experienced a subtle shift in my energy which promoted a deep sense of relaxation and calm. At my request, April offered what she sensed was happening in my body. Her insights resonated with my recent life experiences. What is most profound to me is that a chronic pain of about eight months in my left shoulder is now gone. I truly believe April was able to assist what my body wasn’t able to do on its own. That being the moving of stuck energy (read: emotions) that resided there. After all, we all need a little help sometimes. April is, in every sense of the word, a healer.
Barbara C.

I am one open to alternative healings but had never had a Reiki session until recently with April. She definitely made me feel at ease and tailored the treatment to me.  I have to admit that some unexpected ‘side-effects’ occurred for a few hours after treatment (burping) that I can only attest to having Reiki which led me to believe it is working!  I am now able to take a full breath and release it which I have not been able to do for a few years.  It feels like a weight is off my shoulders and I love it!
Danyele G. 

April is an amazing doTERRA Wellness Advocate and a natural healer. She is very patient and nurturing. Very knowledgeable about the oils and their secrets as well as nutrition and its effect on our bodies. I am very proud to also call her my friend as she always treated me with care and compassion. I would recommend working with her when you are ready for a life-changing transformation.
S. Kama

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