About Me


I am passionate about natural, holistic health and wellness. You’ll soon see I love essential oils and energy medicine. First, let me tell you a little about myself and how I can help.

I am a mom to three amazing boys. They are what led me down this path and, although itcloseup profile picture hasn’t been an easy journey, I always say it has been a blessing in disguise. When my kids began having reactions to many over-the-counter and pharmaceutical medications, I had to find a wellness alternative. My children, especially my oldest, are unable to metabolize most pharmaceutical drugs. Using them is not an option for us.

Over the last decade, I have studied multiple approaches to natural health.

Our family life has changed dramatically from when we started this journey. It went from boys who were constantly hyperactive, boys who were unable to go out in public as a family, a 4 year old unable to play for more than 5 minutes at a time due to exhaustion. We went from boys who were constantly sick, to vibrant, healthy, happy kids! Let me tell you that journey was full of tears, but today we have turned that around! I want to share some of that how with you!

Through our journey toward wellness, I have banked an incredible amount of knowledge I can’t wait to pass on. I am mostly self-taught by years of researching, learning and being instructed by functional medicine doctors, naturopaths and homeopathic doctors on how to care for my health and my family’s. This includes how to customize a clean eating plan to better meet your family’s wellness needs, pointers on how to help heal your gut and build a stronger immune system, and broadening your understanding of how your emotions are strongly tied to your physical body and why this is important. I want to share this information with other families who are struggling–families like yours.

You are not alone! I am here to let you know there is hope and to educate you about these amazing alternative options that can transform your expectations for daily life.

My skills, training, experience, and certifications: I completed the Institute of Nutritional Leadership’s Nutritional Leadership Program. I am knowledgeable and experienced in the use of essential oils, essential oils and the mind-body connection, biofeedback (physical and emotional), muscle testing, energy medicine, AromaTouch Technique Certified, strengthening immunity, sensory protocols, detox/cleanses, elimination diets, reflexology, and I am a certified Reiki Master Practitioner. I was the host of my own show on an online spiritual international radio show, Beacon of Light Radio and I am a syndicated columnist for The Relationship Blogger magazine.

Whether your arrival here is the result of curiosity, serendipitous or necessity, you will find resources, tips, and tools to ease your path to wellness. My goal is to support you in aiding the body’s natural healing processes. It’s amazing what happens when you address the root problem and not just the symptoms!

I’m very passionate about sharing what I’ve learned over the past decade–what I wish I would have known years ago in hopes that it will help someone struggling today.

I felt very alone at the beginning of this journey. The reason I am passionate about connecting with you on topics of natural holistic wellness is that I know that when you and your family are unwell, overwhelmed is an understatement. You can begin to feel very alone. But you aren’t alone. I’m here to join you on your journey, and the best news is there is growing awareness about some of what I’ll be sharing with you. That means we have a community.

Thank you for stopping in and listening. I hope you will find some of the information I share helpful. Please leave me a comment or contact me with questions. I look forward to helping you.

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