wp-1474612579024.jpg“April came to me in my greatest time of need. She personally came to my house to help me. As I battled colon and digestive issues, April took inititavitve to develop a healing protocol for me. She also helped educate me on nutritional guidance for healing. Product knowledge to guide me to my path of healing and restoration.

April’s knoweledge is invaluable to healing body, mind, and spirit. Her personal approach is one you can trust to learning and living a healthier lifestyle. April provided additional resources, books, and websites, so I could learn to be an advocate for my own health.

April’s passion to serve, help, and educate others is emminate in her ability to care, comfort, and help in personal and nurturing way.

April continues to follow up to see how I’m healing and progressing. That speaks volumes of her character and her passion.

April’s holistic approach to helping others comes from her heart. I’m grateful April listened to her personal calling to travel this journey to serve others and enhance the lifestyle, healing and care for others.” .
Staci H.

“I originally started with oils because of sinus infections. I haven’t had one since summer. I have no idea why, my husband, mother in law and friends have had them. I did do a cleanse in October which was just before my husband had his. My kids both have what I believe was RSV back to back, so two weeks of horrible coughing. I made it through being around all of them. The sunday after thanksgiving I felt like I was coming down with something and I had a runny nose that last about 3 days and that was it. I did add back in the on guard + as soon as they all got sick. I am thrilled!”
Jaci T.

“Had a stressful phone call last evening and it lasted from 8:20-10 pm. I usually go to bed at 10 and I was exhausted. As soon as I laid down, i was wide awake. I knew I wasn’t going to fall asleep any time soon. I had gotten the new restful complex a few months ago and haven’t had major sleep issues so I havent used it yet. I got up and took two last night, crawled in bed, got comfy and don’t remember a thing until my husbands alarm when off at 5:30. I usually get up nearly every night to go to the bathroom and I am usually cold when I crawl into bed so I will cover up with a comforter, but wake up hot in the middle of the night and take it off. And none of that happened.”
Jaci T.

Shawna's profile
“Over the years, my family has incorporated numerous “off-the-beaten-path” techniques for self-care. After a medical professional recommended aromatherapy, we began to experiment with essential oils. We discovered that changing the scent in our home was an effective method for easing overwhelm, and not just for the kids. It worked unexpectedly for me.

I collected a handful of oils and blends from my local supermarkets. I loved the aromas but quickly discovered I was allergic to many. Enter April.

April gave me samples of the oils she uses in her home. Despite that many of them were repeats of oils I’d purchased at the store, I wasn’t allergic to any of them. This was at least in part because the oils I’d purchased were partially synthetic despite being labeled as natural. I decided to learn more. 

As luck would have it, April is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Basically, she knows a lot about the sourcing and creation of essential oils as well as how to effectively use oils for daily and long term physical and emotional health needs. With her help, I reestablished an allergy-safe collection of oils to use for therapeutic purposes in my home.

What I love most about April is that she never pushed sale of oils on me. She gave me several samples and set me up to purchase my own oils at retail price. She then reviewed oils uses with me, expanding the applications of oils in my home. Her goal was clearly to support me in attaining better home health. She did so with consistent kindness and warmth that made me feel safe and heard.

Ultimately, we replaced several ointments with oils–good news for me because I’m also allergic to most pharmacy creams. I use oils to flavor teas and meals, for baths, in a diffuser and for bumps, bruises, cleaning and insect repellant. The result is financial savings (a little bit goes a long way with doTerra) and a healthier home.

In person, April provides biofeedback sessions, Aroma Touch and Wellness Consultations. I have experienced all and am amazed by the lasting, positive results despite my innate skepticism.”
Shawna A.

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